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CO2 Oxygen Induction Rejuvenating
Gel Mask Treatments
Created for DermaRolling enhancement, but not required!
We are excited to introduce the latest Technology in Advance Skincare Science tailored to meet the needs of every skin type and desired results!
Each year, millions of patients visit beauticians and facial clinics to complain about skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, blemish outbursts, skin tone etc… In general, patients are pointed to options such as IPL, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser therapy for treating such problems. The Dermier ™ CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gel Mask is a new technology also targeted at improving our skin condition. The technology behind the Dermier ™ CO2 Gel Mask originates from the Japanese CO2 Spring therapy. The proven scientific invention demonstrates the significance of how CO2 gas can directly influence the reaction of our body.

 What Does Science Have To Say?
To most people CO2 is what we exhale from our body during the normal metabolism process. So, quite understandably, people would presume that the gas is wasteful. However, Japanese scientist have discovered that the buildup of CO2 is in fact the basis that signals the need of O2 (Oxygen) consumption to our brain. Without a constant supply of CO2 the body would not be able to maintain sufficient O2 levels In other words, the supply of O2 is controlled by the buildup of CO2. So when the density of CO2 is high, the body will think that a high consumption of O2 is required. The principle of the Dermier ™ CO2 Gel Mask rides on the same concept by increasing the density of molecular CO2 to signal for the optimal nutrient and O2 intake.

 Enhanced 3D Molecule Induction Technology
The Dermier ™ CO2 Gel Mask makes use of the advance 3D Molecule Induction technology which triples the intake of nutrients by atomizing the particles for better absorption. Even after cleansing, the nutrient particles will remain in our lower derma, leaving our skin with more time to intake the fruitful nutrient which would have otherwise been washed off.
Customized Formulas
The Dermier ™ White is tailored for enhanced Derma Hydration and Skin Whitening effects. While suitable for all skin type, it is highly recommended for individuals with dried skin or blemish outburst.
The Dermier ™ Caviar is a complete complex of pure, concentrated marine extracts with high content of essential amino acids, structural peptides, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements and iodine. The mask has extraordinary regenerating powers, and can only be described as one of the best companion for anti aging and skin firming treatments.
The Dermier ™ Aloe Vera rides on the natural benefit of Aloe Vera as an emollient and antiseptic. The mask is particularly suitable for sensitive skin types and inflammation resulting from blemish outbursts, Psoriasis or    Eczema.
The Dermier ™ Collagen is suitable for all skin type especially where substantial collagen had been lost. This could be for example, wrinkles, stretch marks or scar.
The Dermier ™ Oxygen doubles the rapid intake effect by presenting additional O2 molecules for absorption.
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